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High-End Automotive and Racing Equipment, Tools and Parts

Racing parts, racing equipment, replacement parts and tools are available at Tanner Racing Products’ eBay store.  Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers design, engineer, fabricate and manufacture automotive tools, equipment and replacement parts just west of St. Louis, Missouri.  We manufacture all of our high-end automotive parts, racing gear, pit crew equipment, replacement parts, tools, setup equipment and adjustment equipment proudly in the U.S.A. and now you can look for great deals on Tanner Racing Products’ parts, equipment and tools on eBay!

Visit Tanner Racing Products on eBay!

Current Products and Racing Parts Available on eBay

Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of automotive parts including parts designed specifically for racecars.  We fabricate parts, setup equipment, adjustment tools and manufacture high-performance parts for NASCAR stock cars, Formula 1 racecars, and parts for short circuit team and lightweight (1,000 lbs. or under) car classes including Bandoleros, Mini Cup vehicles, Quarter Midgets, Go-Karts and other racecars.

Get a great deal on Tanner Racing Products equipment on eBay, or visit our online store in order to search for specific parts that you require for your race team, pit crew, mechanics, machinists or other personnel.

Currently, you can choose eBay store items in several categories including:

  • Chassis Setup Tools and Adjustments—Digital Camber Gauge, standard Camber Shim Kit, Toe Plate Kit, Chassis Set-up Log Book (data recording), Universal Camber Shim Kit, spring rubber parts (adjustments), Frame Height Gauges, tire gauges, Tire Tread Depth Gauge, Magnetic Caster/Camber Gauge
  • Clamp On Chassis Accessories—Firewall Bolt and Coil Mounts, Clamp on Coil Mounts, Helmet Hooks, drink bottle kits, radio boxes with padded liners
  • Gauge and Switch Panels, Switches and Electrical Components—Autometers (oil and water PSI) and a large selection of
    Switch Panels (starters, ignition switches and magneto)
  • Insulation/Heat Shielding—Shifter Boot Complete Kit, heat insulating floor mats, FyreJacket Wraps (rolls) and tape, and Header Wraps
  • Pit Equipment—safety wire, safety wire pliers and pit sockets
  • Tire Management—Camber Shim kits, universal Camber Shims, Toe Plate Kit, Stagger Roller, tire gauges, tire inflation tools, tire calipers

Other parts include AFCO Coil Springs, brake line straight fittings, other tools, AN wrenches, Adel Clamps, frame/cage gussets, oil pump fittings and additional items.

Additional Automotive Products Are Available at Tanner Racing Products

Of course, you can visit Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers for more information about racing products, parts, tools and accessories.   You can order direct from our e-commerce, review more information about specific products, download our 2013 catalog or request a 2013 catalog by mail.  Be sure to visit our eBay store periodically for racing parts as listed products change periodically.

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