Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class

Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class

Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class at Mittler Brothers

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (800-467-2464) and Tanner Racing Products are continuing to have successful and informative classes that we now hold every few months with a master sheet metal artists, Jamey Jordan of Hand Made Seat Company.

As indicated in the previous blog regarding our Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class, our next class still has some attendance slots that are still available, but going quickly.  The Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class (April 21st – 23rd) will be held at Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products, located just right off of Interstate 70 in Wright City, Missouri.

This class continues our series of sheet metalworking classes that allows attendees to have one-on-one time to learn techniques from Jamey Jordan.  Also, attendees get to use a variety of Mittler Brothers sheet metalworking tools, from handheld tools to machinery to make custom sheet metal items or to learn how to make repairs for sheet metal panels if you happen to work in the automotive repair industries.

Review Posts about Previous Sheet Metalworking Classes

Mittler Brothers is quite pleased with the attendance in our previous coursework with Jamey Jordan and Josh Bullock.  The latest coursework available from Jamey Jordan offers activities and instruction in using tools, dies, punches, flares, Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, equipment and miscellaneous accessories.

We will gladly offer advice on specific bead rolling techniques and other sheet metalworking techniques and best practices to get the results that you want for customization projects, repair projects, or sheet metalworking artwork.  Whether you want to learn more for your job or business, or you want to learn techniques from one of the most innovative and talented sheet metalworking artists around.  to get an idea about the topics and how we have your weekend course set up for personal instruction from Jamey Jordan as well as the opportunity to use a variety of equipment and accessories.  Mittler Brothers will provide all materials for the upcoming Jamey Jordan Metalworking Course in April 2017.

Learn More about the 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class and Previous Topics

We encourage you to review the exclusive Jamey Jordan Signature Series available from Mittler Brothers.

You can learn more about specific work projects, techniques and activities in the Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class and to get additional details regarding the class and topics, as well as pricing for the event.  If you can’t make this class, we will likely hold another one or two classes this year. And, if you are interested in high-quality Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, and exclusive dies including for artwork or customization, check out the “I Love Beadrolling” Facebook group created by Jamey Jordan. If you want to be inspired by others, no matter your skill level, it’s a great place for ideas and advice!

Sign Up for the Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class

Our Spring 2017 Jamey Jordan Metalworking Class will take place the weekend of April 21st – 23rd at our manufacturing facility in Wright City, MO! You can call us at 800-467-2464, or you can email us at [email protected] for questions or to book your admission today!

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