Tanner Racing Products Now Sells the Advanced, New Racing HydroShox Suspension System

Tanner Racing Products Now Sells the Advanced, New Racing HydroShox Suspension System

Product Release:  New Racing HydroShox Suspension System Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new, racing HydroShox Suspension System developed with MRC Fabrication and Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool).  This is a follow-up announcement about a previous blog post about our new, Automotive Racing HydroShox from earlier in the year, and now your racing team or automotive business can purchase one of the best, new shocks and suspension systems recently on the market.

The new, racing HydroShox Suspension System (HydroShox Kit) are engineered to replace bulky, rough-riding, airbag setups while offering exceptional drivability of coil springs in high horsepower applications, specifically the racetrack. This vehicle suspension system combines traditional hydraulic raising and lowering capabilities combined with the latest in coil-over shock technology.  With the HydroShox Kit, you can instantly lift racecars or other vehicles to a safe operating height; and, then you can lower the suspension as needed to achieve a desired stance.  Mechanics and pit crews may use this compact hydraulic suspension system for highly accurate adjustments, and the system allows independent front and rear adjustability for speed and height.  This combines hydraulics to raise and lower shocks with the latest coil-over shock technology.

Coil-over spring rates are available from 350 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. rates—calculate spring rate for your model of shocks to determine values for your racecar.

Additionally, these new, racing HydroShox and Suspension System is professionally manufactured and precision-engineered for the high-performance demands of the racetrack.  The CNC-machined HydroShox shock bodies are nickel-plated for corrosion-resistance. The shocks feature a 2-7/8” diameter upper tube designed to allow installation with limited space. With your order of our new, racing HydroShox Suspension System, a very compact 12v hydraulic pump allows for clean installations in most cases. Also, an included Billet Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold with flow controls allows for independent front and rear operation.

HydroShox are available in model variants with 4” or 5” inches of hydraulic travel; also, shocks can be set for 3” inches of shock travel.  This allows the shocks to raise and lower the vehicle up to 5” instantly, while maintaining a uniform ride at any height. Since this post was published, we have added a short demonstration video showing the HydroShox Suspension System in use, particularl raising and lowering—watch the HydroShox demonstration video.

Please specify 4” or 5” of travel when ordering your new, racing HydroShox Suspension System.

New, Racing HydroShox Suspension System (HydroShox Kit) Features

The new, racing HydroShox Suspension System or kit is engineered and designed for high-performance applications, specifically, performance meeting the demands of the racetrack and the drive.  The system is also quite a convenient shock kit.  This system can offer the look of airbags without having an air compressor all the time.  The hydraulics offer drivers instant response while maintaining good ride quality.

The new, racing HydroShox Kit shocks features:

  • Nickel-plated shock bodies
  • Chrome-plated shock shafts
  • 12v Aluminum Hydraulic Pump
  • 3-quart Remote Fluid Reservoir
  • Billet Hydraulic Manifold with flow controls
  • Solenoid Valves control front and rear suspension independently
  • Braided Stainless Steel hydraulic lines
  • 3” of shock travel
  • 4” or 5” hydraulic travel available depending on model selected
  • Spring rates available from 350 lbs. to 2,000 lbs.# (calculate your spring rate)

New, Racing HydroShox Suspension System Kit

The MRC Fabrication and Tanner Racing Products new, racing HydroShox Suspension System kit includes all of the parts that you need for installation.  Included are shocks, individual parts, braided Stainless Steel hydraulic lines, hydraulic oil, a pre-fabricated wire harness, additional parts and all of the necessary fittings that you will need.  Also, we include a detailed installation manual.

The new, racing HydroShox Suspension Kit includes:

  • 4 HydroShox (specify 4” or 5” travel)
  • 4 Coil Springs (specify rate)
  • A 12v Hydraulic Pump
  • A Billet Hydraulic Manifold with flow controls and solenoid valves
  • A Remote Fluid Reservoir
  • A Switch Panel with allowing independent front and rear control
  • Wiring from switch panel to pump and manifold
  • DIY bulk Stainless Steel braided hose and all fittings
  • 5 quarts of hydraulic oil
  • Installation instructions (manual)

If you are not that familiar with Tanner Racing Products, then by all means take a look at our extensive inventory of high-performance and racing equipment, systems, parts, accessories and miscellaneous items.  We have everything from new WiFi Scales, Racing Scales Roll Back Trays, alignment, leveling and set up equipment, shock rebuild kits, and many other products.  Take a few minutes to review Tanner Racing Products RaceScales and accessories.  You can learn more about Tanner Racing Products as well as machine shop machinery, equipment, tools, accessories and related items in the Mittler Brothers inventory by visiting Mittler Brothers online.

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Racing teams, mechanics, machinists, auto body shops, automotive repair businesses, or any business or person interested in purchasing our new, racing HydroShox Suspension System or other products can order most items direct from our e-commerce store.  If you need assistance, you may contact Mittler Brothers at or toll-free at 800-467-2464.  Businesses interested more information about various equipment, machinery, tools, accessories or other product can reach the sales department by e-mail at: [email protected].

If your company needs to finance larger purchases, learn more about our new, Commercial Equipment Financing Service (blog post announcement).  Also, you can review shop machinery demonstration videos on the Mittler Brothers YouTube! Channel; or, feel free to download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog or request a printed copy.

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