Racing Bump Steer Gauge Kits for Accurate Front End Geometry

Bump Steer Gauges, kits and accessory Dial Indicators are available for racing teams, pit crews, automotive shops, repair centers, machine shops, and automotive enthusiasts direct from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  Our convenient-to-use shop equipment includes standard Bump Steer Gauge equipment along with our new One Step Bump Steer Gauge and accessory Dial Indicators.

Bump Steer Gauges Help You Maintain Front-End Geometry

Tanner Racing Products, a Midwest leader in manufacturing high-end automotive and racing equipment, sells Bump Steer Gauge Kits for motorsports teams, racing pit crews and automotive shops.  You can make sure that your racecar set-up is accurate.

With coil-bind and bump-stop automotive set-ups, particularly on racing vehicles, proper front-end geometry is crucial—crucial for performance and even safety.  Your front-end geometry is important for many reasons including improved, consistent and faster lap times.  Additionally, proper front-end geometry using a Bump Steer Gauge stops front-end tires from moving as your suspension travels up and down.  With racing speeds, a car can quickly become misaligned or even dangerous for the driver and other racers.

With front-end geometry so crucial to a team’s ability to win races, to afford the driver additional safety, and to prevent a team’s car from becoming a danger to other racecar drivers, it is essential that every team have the appropriate, portable equipment and read-out indicators available on-hand at every race.  Additionally, any business that performs front-end work, alignments, suspension work, or tire replacements should have Bump Steer Gauges and accessories in the shop.

The Right Equipment for Racing and for Shops

Tanner Racing Products is pleased to offer a new, very convenient and easy-to-use, One Step Bump Steer Gauge features the following specifications:

  • Compact design
  • Easily portable equipment
  • Fits 5” x 5”, 5” x 4-¾” and  5” x 4-½” hubs
  • Operation requires only one Dial Indicator
  • Ideal equipment for track use or in-house at a shop
  • Precision-Machined Aluminum Wheel Plate
  • Trick Digital Dial Indicator available as well

We also sell a standard kit that is ideal for automotive shop usage.  Our standard Bump Steer Gauge from Tanner Racing Products features:

  • Adjustable to any height
  • Lightweight and portable gauge design
  • Fits 5” x 5” and standard wide 5” hubs
  • Measures 6” of travel
  • Works at ride height or functions on Jack Stands
  • Sold with two Dial Indicators (replacement 1” Dial Indicators available)

Download a FREE 2013 Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products catalog or request the 2013 catalog by email.  You are welcome to contact Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products or call us nationwide, toll-free at (800) 467-2464 or locally in Missouri at (636) 745-7757.


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