New, Quarter Midget, Quad Flow Vision Shocks Tested and Released for Sale

High-Performance, Quarter Midget Quad Flow Shocks Tested on the Racetrack

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products now sells new Quarter Midget Quad Flow Shocks (Vision Shocks product line) that have been fully tested on the track in the summer of 2014.  We are pleased to offer an innovative new Quarter Midget shock design that also resolves hysteresis issues and our test drivers agree that these shocks offer great performance on the racetrack.

“Racing is a performance business.  As a manufacturer in the racing industry for over 30 years, we…strive to provide…customers with the best performing product.  For 2014, we introduced the Vision shock with the Quad Flow piston…the result of customer feedback, as well as field testing.

…[T]wo thorough tests were conducted [Michigan and Illinois]. The first was a…customer test and the second was a Team Mittler Factory test. The results of both tests were parallel. Both drivers said the car felt faster, was easier to drive and…yielded…faster lap times. The Vision shock with the Quad Flow piston dominated over the other two major brands.”—from “Best by Test” in the 7/25/2014 Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products Newsletter

Advanced Shock Design Improves Fluid Channeling and Resolves Many Hysteresis Issues

Our new, Quarter Midget, Quad Flow Vision Shocks offer racing teams and automotive enthusiasts high-performance results, better handling, faster lap times and the advanced engineering resolves many fluid channeling issues and common hysteresis problems that can slow down performance, response and vehicle-handling on the racetrack.  We designed these new Quarter Midget Shocks with plenty of feedback from our customers including drivers, teams and crews and individuals.  Additionally, the new design is also backed by extensive testing and field tests on racetracks in the summer of 2014.

We used customer input to improve critical areas of performance related to fluid control, general driving response time, and the common problems resulting from hysteresis in shocks.  Our design and engineering improvements for the new, Quarter Midget, Quad Flow Vision Shocks result in the following:

  • A universal product design, engineered with a length to fit all racecars
  • The lightest, high-performance racing shock available
  • A shock design which yields faster racing lap times for these racecar classes
  • Perimeter Flow Pistons engineered to reduce hysteresis because these shocks overcome response delays resulting from changing direction on the racetrack
  • Shock design that resolves hysteresis issues associated with high shaft velocities, specifically, by reducing the delay time when changing direction, which reduces the grip, thus resulting in slower lap times common with other shocks; reducing the high shaft velocity, which accelerates internal fluid flow and subsequent hydraulic locking; and, a new shaft design that successfully addresses the typical faster shaft speed issues on Quarter Midgets, which were typically twice as fast as those designs for NASCAR or Sprint racecar shock design
  • A piston design that offers racing teams angular porting and internal fluid channeling that pulls shock fluid away from the shock wall where the fluid has the coolest temperature
  • Advanced and unique engineering allowing flow characteristics for linear, digressive and/or progressive valving curve
  • Engineering improvements (solid features) learned from our Platinum 4 Shocks, specifically, a rapid change spring feature, a “No Leak” seal, Titanium Nitride shaft coating, and other design modifications
  • A 62% increase in the chamber’s air/gas ratio, virtually eliminating rod/shaft pressure issues

Learn More About Quarter Midget, Quad Flow Vision Shocks

Tanner Racing Products encourages racing teams to learn more about the additional features and innovative design benefits of our new Quarter Midget Quad Flow Shocks.  You can learn more about the shocks at our online store (product listing page, etc.).  We hope that you will be impressed with this new shock design for Quarter Midgets.

Contact Tanner Racing Products for Innovative, High-Performance Racing Parts

Racing teams, Quarter Midget drivers, pit crews, automotive businesses and individual customers are welcome to contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products direct with questions about our new, Quarter Midget, Quad Flow Piston Vision Shocks, about our other, high-performance Quarter Midget parts, other shocks and springs, or additional items in our online store or catalog.

You may call Tanner Racing Products nationwide at 800-467-2464; or, locally in St. Louis metropolitan area at 636-745-7757; or, by e-mail at: [email protected].

You may review the entire Tanner Racing Parts inventory online, or request a 2014 Product Catalog (print copy) for reference, or you may download the 2014 Product Catalog right now!

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