Lite Weight Rear Hubs keep racking up wins!

2017 UMP DIRTcar Champion Mike Harrison, 2017 USMTS Champion Jason Hughes and 2017 Gateway Dirt Nationals Champion Ray Bollinger use Mittler Bros. Lite Weight Rear Hubs to stay on the track and in front of their competitors.

Machined out of steel with easily replaceable studs, these Made-in-the-USA hubs can withstand a tremendous beating while just weighing a scant 6 lbs!  

Each kit includes the following:

Hub w/ Races & 5/8″ Studs Installed

• Bearings

• Hub Seal & Axle Seal

• Spindle Nut & Lockwasher

• Hub Cap w/ Screws & O-Ring

• Steel Rotor Adapter w/ Bolts

• 6061 Drive Flange w/ O-Ring & Bolts

 The Lite Weight Rear Hub Kits are on sale for the next two weeks for $325 each! Click here to take advantage of this deal now and get your car ready for next season! You can also view our full line of Hubs and Accessories by clicking here.

Winners use Mittler Bros!


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Two Punch Presses Headed Out the Door!

These two Punch Presses have just been finished and are ready for production. They both are equipped with horn dies to punch tubing for the automotive industry.

At Mittler Bros. we do presses from 5 to 200 tons. You can see several examples below:


From personal size manual units that we produce and sell as part of our equipment line (top left) to massive hydraulic Railroad Axle presses (bottom), we do it all!

What pressing operation do you need assistance with? Call 1-800-467-2462 and talk to our experienced engineering staff today!


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We Have Open Shop Time!

We welcome your inquiries. Large or small, we do it all! If you need machined parts or assemblies, we have the capability and experience to do the job. View our comprehensive list of facilities HERE.

Mittler Bros. has a great deal of experience in the design & building of custom pieces of manufacturing equipment.

We are a vertically integrated manufacturer and also provide services such as: CNC machining and milling, plasma cutting, sandblasting, laser engraving, painting and welding.

We’d love to work with you on your project! E-mail [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-467-2462. You can also click here to visit our website.


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Used Demo Equipment Special Sale at Mittler Bros.

Get Demo Specials While They Last!

Big thanks to all of our friends and customers that stopped by our booth at EAA/Oshkosh. We are already counting down the days until next year’s show!

Returning from the show means you can take advantage of a Demo Equipment Sale! All of the demo equipment works just as new and comes with a full warranty, they just have cosmetic blemishes from being on display.

Several Lightly Used Demo Items for Sale include:

You can click here  to see all demo equipment on sale and score a great deal today! For additional information, or equipment purchase inquiries, Contact Us.

Building a 36″ Bead Roller

If you’ve ever wanted to see how we produce one of our Power Drive Bead Rollers, here is your chance! In part one of our “Built in the USA” series, we detail the process of fabricating and assembling a 36″ Bead Roller!

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