New, Heat Treated, 180˚ Stretcher Die for Planishing Hammers

Leading Machine Shop, Equipment Manufacturer Releases New Stretcher Die

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products announces the release of a brand new, 180˚ heat-treated Stretcher Die for Planishing Hammers.  Mittler Brothers designs, engineers and manufactures Planishing Hammers, and Planishing Hammer Anvils in the United States, just west of the St. Louis, Missouri, metropolitan area, in fact.

For additional product information, please refer to our online store, contact us or call toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464 or locally at 636-745-7757.

New Stretcher Die Fits All Mittler Bros. Planishing Hammers

This new, heat treated, 180° Stretcher Die is a great addition to our growing line of machine shop equipment, tools and accessories.  This die allows rapid and accurate materials stretching with very little marking. The new Stretcher Die is a coherent die as it stretches 180°, and it is usable in difficult working environments, corners, and other tight spots.  This die makes curve flanges and works on all Mittler Brothers Planishing Hammers (12” Planishing Hammer models and 24” Planishing Hammer models).

A few of the features and capacity of the Mittler Brothers Stretcher Die for Planishing Hammers includes:

  • New Stretcher Die for Planishing Hammers (Model # 2700-024) fits all Planishing Hammers Mittler Brothers manufactures
  • Stretches sheet metals rapidly and quickly with little material marking
  • 180˚ Stretcher Die (coherent die)
  • Heat treated during fabrication for a durable, long lasting product
  • Maximum capacity for mild steels is 18 gauge (.048" mild steel)
  • Maximum capacity for aluminum is 13 gauge (.062”) for soft aluminum (1100/3003)
  • Ideal product for working in tight spaces and corners
  • Ideal Stretcher Die for fabricating sheet metal curve flanges
  • Watch a demonstration video for our new Stretcher Die for Planishing Hammers

Machinist Equipment and Tools for Racing Teams

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of machine shop equipment, tools, handheld tools, parts and accessories for a wide range of automotive and aviation applications.  Since we are avid race fans, many of our products are high-end or high-performance parts designed for field use, mechanics and pit crews.  If you need parts for any class of racing vehicles in the NASCAR, Formula 1, Bandolero, Go-Kart, Quarter Midget, or Short Track racing circuits, Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products have the equipment, tools and accessories that you need for machine shops, or for use at racing track venues.

Call Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products toll-free at 800-467-2464 or locally at 636-745-7757.  You can also fax us at 636-745-2874 about product questions.

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