New Art of Bead Rolling Video from Jamey Jordan Is Available Mid-February

Jamey Jordan Releases a New Art of Bead Rolling Instructional Video

Sheet metal fabricator and renowned bead rolling artist Jamey Jordan is releasing a new instructional video in his The Art of Bead Rolling series.  This new video is available from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products in mid-February, 2014, as part of the ever-expanding line of products in the Jamey Jordan Signature Series.  In Volume 2, The Art of Bead Rolling: All the Steps, “…artist Jamey Jordan teaches new bead rolling techniques employing a widened array of tools including the new Bead Rolling Step Dies in the Mittler Bros. Jamey Jordan Signature Series line.  See for yourself how you can tackle more intricate and difficult projects once you’re armed with the tools and knowledge.  Learn how to bring your metal working artistry to a whole new level in this info-packed DVD.”—from the Mittler Brothers Newsletter (January 2014)

Learn about the Jamey Jordan Signature Series Products

You can learn more about the extensive line of equipment, tools and Bead Roll Art Sets available through Mittler Brothers and Jamey Jordan.  We are thoroughly pleased and excited about our partnership with sheet metal fabricator and artist Jamey Jordan.  We are pleased to offer the second DVD in the series, the new Art of Bead Rolling: All the Steps instructional video from Jamey Jordan.  If you do not have a copy of Jamey Jordan’s first video, we hope that you will take a look at Jamey Jordan’s The Art of Bead Rolling, Volume 1, for yourself or your shop employs.  The first video is currently available from Mittler Brothers as well, and the second instructional DVD in the series will be available in mid-February, 2014.

Be sure to visit the Mittler Bros. online store to learn more about the Jamey Jordan Signature Series of products and instructional videos, and other interesting instructional videos.  You can learn more about our new instructional videos by Jamey Jordan and Ron Covell on our blog, or review the product listings for instructional videos and books available through our online store.

Mittler Bros. Manufacturers and Sells Bead Rollers and Accessories

Mittler Bros. manufactures and sells a wide assortment of sheet metal fabrication tools and equipment.  We offer a series of products for artists and machine shops including: the Jamey Jordan Signature Series product line, and Metal Bead Rollers (equipment models include manual, variable speed, power drive, industrial, and high throat styles), Bead Roller accessories, Bead Rolls and Bead Roll Sets, Rotary Machines, and other handy machinery, equipment and tools that are ideal for racing teams, automotive repair shops, auto body shops, machine shops, and for professional or DIY automotive and aircraft customization or restoration work.

Contact Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products

If you require additional product information, or you have questions about specific equipment, machinery, parts, accessories or informational and instructional DVDs and books, then please contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products direct for details.

You can always reach Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464, or you can call locally in the St. Louis metropolitan area at 636-745-7757, with your product questions or sales inquiries.  Feel free to send us an e-mail if you prefer: [email protected].

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