Mittler Brothers Has a New 90° Tube Bender Stand for Tight Machine Shop Spaces

Innovatively-Designed 90° Tube Bender Stand

If your machine shop has very little space or you need a portable Tube Bender Stand, then take a look at the new 90° Tube Bender Stand. This durable, steel frame stand is ideal for use in constricted machine shop space.  Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products offers a stand that is designed for convenience, and with durable wheels and a low profile, this portable stand for tube benders may be used at the racetrack, moved to another shop or location, used outdoors or positioned in a tight space at your machine shop.

Our 90° Tube Bender Stand features:

  • A durable steel-frame stand for the Mittler Brothers Hydraulic 90° Tube Bender
  • Innovative design is ideal for shops with little additional space, since this stand uses cubic feet space to bend, instead of valuable floor square footage space
  • This steel-frame stand is ideal for use in constricted machine shop space
  • Portable stand with long-lasting, strong wheels allow you to roll the stand around as required
  • Portability is not limited to the shop, since you can take the stand offsite for jobs at the racetrack, another shop, outdoors or elsewhere
  • A user may use this stand for custom sheet metal fabrications requiring “negative plain” bends
  • Tube Bender(s) and Hydraulic Pump(s) are sold separately

We are pleased to let our customers know that our new 90° Tube Bender Stand is designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.—specifically, just west of St. Louis, Missouri!

Additional Tube Bending Equipment and Accessories

If you need the versatility of tube bending equipment and accessories for your machine shop, racing team or mechanics, then Mittler Brothers has you covered with the equipment that you need.

Our additional Tube Benders, Accessories and Tube Bender Shoe Sets include:

Create Professional Designs with Modeling Software

If you are looking for software in order to design fabrications requiring round or square tube bending, then we recommend that you pick up a copy of Bend-Tech Software.  We offer customers four versions of Bend-Tech software including an entry-level easy modeling version and full modeling software for professional 3-D modeling and drafting.

Product Information Is Available Online

Be sure to review the individual product descriptions at the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products online store.  Feel free to download or request a copy of our equipment and parts catalog, so you can peruse the information at leisure.

Download a 2103 Product Catalog | Request a 2013 Print Catalog

Mittler Brothers Ships Worldwide

If you need a 90-degree tube bending machinery or stand(s) for your shop or business, then feel free to order or contact us first about shipping rates. You can call Mittler Brothers toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464, or, call us locally in the St. Louis metropolitan area or in the eastern part of Missouri at 636-745-7757.  We ship products throughout the United States and to companies worldwide.

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