Jamey Jordan Metal Working Class at Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (June 2016) Was a Success!

Jamey Jordan Metal Working Class at Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (June 2016) Was a Success!

Jamey Jordan Metal Working Class Hosted by Mittler Brothers

Following up on a previous blog, “Jamey Jordan Bead Rolling Workshop at Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool”, we are pleased to note that our ongoing collaboration with sheet metal working artist and bead rolling expert Jamey Jordan (review the Jamey Jordan Signature Series), recently included our early June 2016 visit with Jamey Jordan, customers and metal working enthusiasts, for an exclusive, Jamey Jordan metal working class, instruction, interaction, and opportunity for attendees to use machine shop equipment turned out to be a successful weekend of events!

Jamey Jordan Metal Working Class, Instruction and Events

Jamey Jordan of Hand Made Seat Company was at Mittler Brothers (800-467-2464) in Wright City, Missouri, for the weekend.  We offered our event attendees a weekend full of activities and opportunities for direct interaction with an expert sheet metal worker, but also to receive instruction in techniques and also to use several different tools and machine shop equipment.

The Jamey Jordan metal working class was held June 10-12m 29016. The weekend started with a tour of the Mittler Brothers 55,000 sq. ft. manufacturing, production facility and job shop.  Event attendees got to see how we make equipment, tools and machinery as well as get together and know each other before the metal working and bead rolling instruction started for the weekend.

“On Saturday, class was in session.  Jamey started off by giving a ‘Bead Roller 101’ type…lecture…discuss[ing] the various techniques he employs, as well as what goes into roll selection and how to best use certain ones for a given job.”  Jamey Jordan also offered instruction “…on how to lay out a piece… and had one-on-one time while they completed their own pieces.” Jordan offered basic bead rolling instruction along with determining the best bead rolls for a job.  Attendees got to try out and practice with the Jamey Jordan Bead Roller, 24” Variable Speed Standard Bead Roller and/or 36” Adjustable Shaft Variable Speed Standard Bead Roller.

Besides the effective individual instruction and attention for each attendee, they all got to learn sheet metal bead rolling basics and how to effectively use the selection tooling options for those two specific Bead Roller options.  If you have been following our blog, then you probably know that we have mention Jamey Jordan quite a bit.  Our ongoing product inventory continues to expand throughout each year of our collaboration with Jamey Jordan.  Metal working classes are a great opportunity for a few, but the exclusive product series developed with Jamey Jordan, the Jamey Jordan Signature Series, offers anyone working in a machine shop, auto body shop, automotive repair business, or racing team or DIYer to have durable, innovative and reliable tools and accessories for sheet metal customization work.

You can take a look of a couple of previous blogs about Jamey Jordan, “2016 Expanded Product Line Includes Gold Series Designer Bead Rolls and Layout Templates in the Jamey Jordan Signature Series”, “New 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets Available Online from Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool”, “Gold Series, Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set Available from Mittler Brothers”, or “Jamey Jordan Visited Mittler Brothers to Discuss Expanding the Jamey Jordan Signature Series”.  We have additional information on older blogs about our collaboration and events with Jamey Jordan, or you can review products at Mittler Brothers online.

On Sunday, our events and Jamey Jordan metal working class attendees had some real hand’s on opportunities.  This “…was a bit of a change-up and moved to seat fabrication.” We had the students pair up, and then they had the opportunity to use a Box & Pan Brake, Clecos, and Foot Shears, “…and other tools to construct a bomber seat themselves. They then got to spend the rest of the day working on whatever they wanted to…”  Attendees had the opportunity to try out bead rolling tools, bead rolls and accessories (review Bead Rollers and Accessories), or work on a machine shop Power Hammer or other equipment to learn about shearing metal, and finally to learn about “…advanced layout techniques.”

Learn About Jamey Jordan Products Made by Mittler Brothers

We are quite pleased to continue to announce new tools, machine shop equipment products, bead rolls, and various other accessories.  For those of you who did not get to attend our Jamey Jordan metal working class, you can still pick up Jamey Jordan’s two bead rolling instruction videos (The Art of Bead Rolling, Volume 1, and The Art of Bead Rolling: All the Steps, Volume 2) available through Mittler Brothers.

We have recently added several bead rolling equipment and accessory items to our product inventory.  Feel free to learn more about Designer Bead Rolls and Layout Templates or Jamey Jordan Signature Series Bead Roll Layout Templates (new for 2016), the new 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets, an Art Roll Step Kit, or the “Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set” or be sure to take a look at the New Jamey Jordan Signature Series Punch and Flares Dies!

Thanks to All of the Attendees and Jamey Jordan for a Metal Working Class Success!

Well, we would really like to thank the attendees along with Jamey Jordan for making this metal working class and weekend of events another success.  We hope that we can continue to offer unique and exclusive events for customers, business customers and all of those enthusiastic DIYers.

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Note:  Citations and specific information is from a Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products newsletter dated June 17, 2016.

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