Mittler Brothers’ Industrial Machine Install in Angola, Africa

President and Co-Founder of Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool, Mike Mittler, backed by the company’s installation crew, recently performed an industrial machine install in Angola, Africa.  Besides producing a wide range of machine shop, sheet metal fabrication equipment, accessories and automotive parts designed for the various racing circuits, Mittler Bros., an industrial automation and tooling solutions provider, engineered industrial machinery for specifically for this manufacturer in Angola.

Mittler and crew spent time at a customer’s plant overseeing the install of custom-made, large industrial machine designed, engineered and built at Mittler’s job shop in in Wright City, Missouri, just west of St. Louis.

Custom Engineering and Attention to Customer Service Worldwide

“Angola…was an interesting place, a third world country trying its hardest to break into the realm of capitalism, industry and technology…Just walking down the streets you could see the dichotomy, two distinct worlds living side by side, the rich are all around in clean business suits while the poor are in rags and struggle to survive…,” said Mike Mittler about the distinct differences in a country that is currently industrializing.   Of course, it may seem unusual that a small town Missouri businessman would be overseeing an industrial machine install in Angola, but Mittler Bros. has a reputation of craftsmanship and custom-manufactured, innovative industrial tooling solutions that is evident in its wide range of products available for direct sale to businesses and individuals.

With three decades of experience in manufacturing products designed, engineered and built in America, Mittler Bros. is a small business leader in the St. Louis and eastern Missouri manufacturing market.   Recent international projects include industrial machinery for a business client in Angola and for business clients in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore and Malaysia.  Mittler Bros. ships machine shop fabrication equipment throughout the U.S.A. and to clients worldwide.

Industrial Machinery Design/Build House

After returning from the industrial machine install in Angola, Mike Mittler stated “A lot of people do not seem to know that we are a design and build house of industrial machines, automation and even a FANUC Robotic Integrator, but it is true.  We build machines that go into factories and plants all over the globe.  Out team of engineers work with customers to provide creative solutions…,” and it is evident that the team at Mittler enjoys the challenges of good engineering dilemma and developing creative engineering solutions for customers worldwide.

Mittler Bros. is always open to working with “new clients and projects…” from American companies and business customers around the world needing the help of an experienced, design/build industrial automation and machinery manufacturer.

Mittler Bros. has considerable experience in custom industrial automation solutions for businesses small and large.  If your company is looking for a partner that can deliver the goods when it comes to innovative design solutions for industrial automation and engineering, and installing custom-fabricated machinery, then we encourage you to learn more about Mittler Brothers capacity for engineering industrial automation machinery.

Learn about Mittler’s Engineering Capabilities

Feel free to review Mittler’s Facilities List of precision machinery, CNC machinery and other high-tech equipment.  Mittler operates an on-site job shop and also provides technical design solutions utilizing industry best practices and the latest in 2-D and 3-D software modeling.  Whether you need a job shop for basic machinery, for precision tooling, or cutting-edge industrial automation and machinery that is custom-fabricated to solve your company’s specific equipment issues, then be sure to contact Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool to discuss your project requirements and goals (review small scale project machinery examples).

You can also call Mittler Bros. at 800-467-2464 or 636-745-7757.

Note:  Mike Mittler quotations and general information about the Angola install project are from the “International Projects:  Angola Africa Install” article in the Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool September 2013 Newsletter

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