Free Quarter Midget Chassis Seminar with Kelly Tanner

Attend a Free Seminar with Guest Kelly Tanner

A free Quarter Midget Chassis seminar with Kelly Tanner of Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool will be held in June.  The free seminar will include a variety of topics about Quarter Midget racing, shocks and other parts.  Kelly Tanner will be available to discuss a variety of topics about Quarter Midget Chassis parts available from Tanner Racing Products, and to discuss a variety of recommendations regarding general maintenance, parts upgrades and driving Quarter Midgets in a racing environment.

Quarter Midget Chassis Seminar Topics

We have many topics related to Quarter Midgets to cover during the seminar.  For anyone involved in this racing circuit, or for the avid automotive enthusiast, the seminar should be quite informative.  Some of the general topics that we will cover in the Quarter Midget Chassis seminar will include:

  • Car alignments
  • Steering geometry
  • Front end alignment (front end geometry)
  • Setting vehicle/Quarter Midget ride heights
  • Scaling the car without driver weight:  What Is Polar Moment and Proper Ballast Placement
  • Rear axle alignment
  • Left/right drive hub options including: locked, un-locked and ratchet hubs
  • Tire placement on Quarter Midgets
  • Spring designs and selecting the right springs
  • Shock designs, selecting shocks, and re-building and re-valving shocks
  • Driving style, driver position and posture

Learn more about Quarter Midget parts that are currently available from Tanner Racing Products.  We manufacture and sell Vision Shocks, Generation 2 Shocks, Platinum 4 Shocks, Quarter Midget springs, shock rebuilding tools and kits, shock service parts, Chassis Alignment Bars, engine plates, mounts, brackets, and many other automotive parts, and high-end parts for all of the major racing circuits.

Contact Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Parts

Call Mittler Brothers or Tanner Racing Products Toll-Free: (800) 467-2464 or at: (636) 745-7757 (St. Louis Area)

Seminar Location, Time and General Information

Please RSVP by Tuesday June 18, 2013, at: [email protected], or call Lane Automotive at (269) 463-4113 for additional information about attending the seminar.  Please review driving directions to Lane Automotive in Watervliet, MI, for the location of the seminar.  The seminar occurs on June 22, 2013, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Facility tours of Lane Automotive are available from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.  Door prizes are available including a $100.00 gift certificate from Tanner Racing Products that is good towards the purchase of four of our Vision Shocks, one of the best shocks available for Quarter Midgets and this class of racecar.

Join us for the seminar with Kelly Tanner at Lane Automotive, 8300 Lane Drive, Watervliet, MI 49098.  The seminar is free for attendees.

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