Five Ways B-G Racing String Lines Are a Faster Way to Go Racing

Faster through the turns. Better exit speeds. Lower lap times. This is the stuff that sends racers to the winner’s circle. Every racer knows that consistent winning doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the combination of talent, skill, seat time, and better setups. B-G Racing String Line kits         help you achieve better setups and better lap times.

Race engineers know that great setups don’t happen by accident, either. Tire pressures, spring rates, wheel alignment and other factors come into play. It takes persistent study and the right tools to gain that extra edge over your competitors. Top level and grass roots race teams alike use string lines to achieve accurate wheel alignments.

Not all string lines are created equal. B-G Racing offers several advantages.

B-G Racing String Lines Offer a Superior Solution

Advantage #1 – More Flexible Adjustability: Traditional string line kits offer three planes of adjustability for the frame bars. The idea is to fit whatever race car is being aligned.

B-G Racing products takes adjustability to the next level. In addition to adjusting the length of the bars, the angles can now be adjusted, making it faster and easier to set up any race car.

Advantage #2 – String Bars in 3 Sections: Make better use of your work space on race days. Traditional string line kits break down the string bars into two pieces for convenient storage. In their assembled form, however, their width is not always so handy.

B-G Racing string line kits break the string bars into three threaded pieces. Use only two of them on narrower cars. You’ll have more room for setting up and wrenching, and you won’t trip over your setup rig.

Advantage #3 – String Line Reels: B-G Racing string line kits come standard with a pair of reels, specifically adapted for the racing application. The convenience is unbeatable.

Advantage #4 – Spring Loaded Lines: Don’t mess up your setup. Save yourself a lot of frustration. B-G Racing string lines come equipped with a spring. On those occasions when you bump the line with your leg, your string won’t automatically break.

Advantage #5 – Favorable Introductory Pricing: Price isn’t always the best way to make a buying decision. In this case, it’s a great bonus. List price is well under that of our favorite competitor.

Bonus Advantage – Handy Carrying Bag: Available for separate purchase, B-G Racing Products offers a great way to store and transport your string line kit.

How Will You Go Faster?

If you don’t have a string line, make B-G Racing your next move. Your time sheets will thank you.

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