Gold Series, Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set Available from Mittler Brothers

“These new rolls have been selling left and right but we are working hard to keep up with the demand. Order your’s today!”—Mittler Brothers Newsletter, April 2014

Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set for Bead Rollers

Our new Gold Series, Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set continues our commitment to creating and bringing to market new and innovative products and accessories that are ideal for machine shops, automotive repair shops, machine shops, DIYer metalworking artists and fans, or for anyone interested in sheet metal panel fabrication projects for artwork, repairs, automotive customization or even for aircraft restoration projects.

This new set of designer Barbed Wire Rolls, engineered for use with Bead Rollers available from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products offers sheet metal fabrication specialist new capabilities—and, don’t forget this product is great new addition for owners of the Jamey Jordan Signature Series collection of metal fabrication artwork tools and accessories.

Businesses and individual customers are welcome to contact Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products direct with any questions about our products or for sales.  You may reach us toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464.

Gold Series, Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set for Sheet Metal Fabrication Tasks

Our new Gold Series, Designer Barbed Wire Roll Set allows you to make entirely new impressions in sheet metal using a standardized or Mittler Brother Bead Roller.   This set is the first in a new and innovative line of planned roll sets for use with our Bead Rollers.  These new sets will allow the user to fabricate new, innovative and intricate patterns in sheet metal and panels.  This particular set will create barbed wire designs/impressions on sheet metals and our upcoming roll sets will allow you to create decorative and intricate patterns.

Our new Gold Series, Designer Barbed Roll Set:

  • Fits Mittler and all 1-1/8” throat Bead Rollers
  • Offers a maximum capacity of .050 aluminum
  • Features a heat-treated top roll
  • The top roll is a long-lasting roll with a titanium nitride coating
  • The bottom roll is fabricated with durable urethane
  • An affordable product for businesses and individuals alike

You can watch a demonstration video utilizing our new, designer Barbed Wire Roll Set.

Just to let you know—“The tradition of taking customer suggestions and making them reality continues with this latest offering from Mittler Brothers. A customer, Alan Keppert of Chop Shop Customs…brought the idea of a "Barbed Wire Bead Roll" to us and the guys in the shop liked the idea so they found a way to create it. This new method of making bead rolls has opened the company up to a whole new series of bead rolls based around decorative patterns and accents. If you have any ideas don’t hesitate to send them over to us here at Mittler Bros.”—Mittler Brothers Newsletter, April 2014

We take input from our customers quite seriously.  So keep the great ideas coming and you may just see a suggestion turn into a new product from your shop and automotive parts manufacturer and supplier, Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.

Contact and Catalog Information

To find the latest innovative tool and equipment designs, or new accessories for your shop equipment, be sure to visit the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products store to search for products and to review product descriptions.

You may download the 2014 Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products Catalog or request a printed copy of the 2014 Product Catalog.

You may also call us at 800-467-2464, or locally at 636-745-7757.  Also, feel free to email us:  [email protected].

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