Commercial Equipment Financing Service Available Direct Through the Manufacturer

Commercial Equipment Financing Service Available Direct Through the Manufacturer

Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products Now Offer Commercial Equipment Financing Service

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (800-467-2464) and Tanner Racing Products continue to add innovative business services as well as new machine shop equipment, tools, machinery, accessories, and additional product features.  We know about the financing issues that small and mid-sized businesses face every day.  Our solution is to now offer our business customers the option of commercial equipment financing service available for direct inventory stock purchases.  You can learn a lot about our machinery, equipment, optional products, accessories and related equipment products by reviewing equipment and machinery at Mittler Brothers online.

You can contact Mittler Brothers or Tanner Racing Productsdirect with any questions that you have about our products or about financing machinery and equipment purchases over $1,000.  Your business can reach us toll-free at 800-467-2464, or you can call us locally in Wright City, Missouri, at 636-745-7757.  Also, you can reach our sales department at: [email protected].

Apply Now for Commercial Equipment Financing Service

You can apply now for commercial equipment financing service on inventory stock purchases of $1,000 or more—please contact our sales department about machinery and equipment financing options on custom industrial automation solutions.  LeaseStation (our in-house financing company) handles our commercial equipment financing service and you can apply online.  Once we have received your application to finance machinery, equipment or accessory items totaling at least $1,000, you will receive email confirmation quickly along with the document(s) to fill out for you financing application.

The process is quick and easy and definitely much quicker than dealing with a bank regarding a loan for commercial equipment—just use the financing service available direct from Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products.  Also, our general in-house financing offers considerable benefits and more flexibility than most banks.

A few of the features and options include:

  • Generate revenue using your financed machinery and equipment, sometimes even before the first payment due date
  • Low monthly payments ranging from 12-month to 60-month options offer flexibility and upon request you may be able to set up payments that reflect seasonal cash flow differences
  • Financial reporting advantages, specifically meeting FASB requirements for “off balance sheet” accounting methodology
  • 100% tax deductibility on your commercial equipment through our financing service; most states offer full purchase price deductibility, but there are variations in tax codes
  • Avoid cumbersome and annoying banking restrictions by using our commercial equipment financing service, specifically, you can avoid traditional bank lending requirements such as blanket liens, compensating balance requirements, restrictive covenants, rate escalation clauses, “call anytime” provisions, and other traditional loan restrictions
  • Credit lines from banks or lending institutions are kept open for your business by financing direct through our business
  • Many additional options, benefits and advantages—please review our commercial equipment financing page

Discuss Financing Options for Custom Manufacturing or Industrial Automation Solutions

Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products release new machine shop equipment, machinery, tools, and/or optional accessories and related items throughout the year.  But, we would like to let you know that we also provide start-to-finish, full-service industrial automation solutions for our business clients.  Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products manufacture a wide range of our inventory stock products, and our expertise, capabilities and flexibility in our job shop production, thus offering business clients full-service fabrication and production.

Mittler Brother and Tanner Racing Products are an Authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator, in fact, we just added the largest FANUC Industrial Robot to our machine shop.  If you opt for custom industrial automation, be sure to discuss whether or not our financing service is applicable to your product.  We offer business customers assistance with custom, industrial automation Design/Build projectsMittler Brother job shop capabilities are extensive, as well as our in-house production equipment and machinery (review the Mittler Brothers facilities list).

Just to give you an example, some of the markets that we work with on a regular basis for custom manufacturing and industrial machinery and equipment includes manufacturing and industrial companies as well as the following served industries:  Automotive, Manufacturing, Medical, Oil/Gas, Rail Industry, Robotics (robotics integration projects), and many other market sectors with varying market sector specifications.

Apply for Commercial Equipment Financing Service Now or Contact Mittler Brothers

Businesses customers may apply for commercial equipment financing service, and you can shop direct at Mittler Brothers online.  Business customers may contact our sales team via e-mail at: [email protected], or you can contact Mittler Brothers or Tanner Racing Products.  Additionally, you may call Mittler Brothers at 800-467-2464, or locally at 636-745-7757.

Also, you may request a printed copy of our current inventory catalog, or download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog (pdf file) for your business, or for later reference.

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