New, Jamey Jordan Signature Series, Art Roll Step Kit for Bead Rollers

Mittler Bros. Announces Availability of a New, Art Roll Step Kit

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products are pleased to announce the availability of a new, Art Step Roll Kit for our Bead Rollers.  This new Bead Roller accessory set is for sheet metal fabrication and a customization kit for shop fabrication projects and sheet metal artwork.  We are expanding the our current line of the Jamey Jordan Signature Series of metal forming and customization tools that currently includes Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, tool stands and equipment, Bead Rolls and Sets, Bead Roller Accessories and replacement parts.

The Jamey Jordan Signature Series Is Essential for Shop or Racing Team Customization Projects

This innovative line of sheet metal forming tools are ideal for your automotive customization projects, for motorcycle customization, for racecars, and various other automotive and aviation restoration and customization projects.  Any automotive repair shop, machine shop or racing team (NASCAR, Formula SAE, Bandolero, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup, Go-Karts, etc.) should have products from the Jamey Jordan Signature Series on hand for panel repairs and for general automotive customization projects.

Our new Art Roll Step Kit for Bead Rollers offers users the ability to create highly-defined steps along with the bead profiles.  You may utilize the Top Nylatron Art Roll with the lower Bead Roller step rolls while working in constricted or extremely tight areas of your shop.  The accurate Bead Roll tools with this product do not affect the outside areas of your sheet metal fabrication materials.  These Bead Rolls work best with Adjustable Height Bead Rollers.  Several Styles are available in this new line including Lower Nylatron Rolls (fabricated from plastic) which work on 1-1/8” Throat Bead Rollers.  All of the Standard Roll Sets in this line have a 2-½” outer diameter (O.D.) x ¾” interior diameter (I.D).

Learn about Innovative Jamey Jordan Signature Series Products

Learn more about Jamey Jordan’s partnership with Mittler Brothers or feel free to review the Jamey Jordan Signature Series products that are currently available from Mittler Bros.  This line includes various Bead Roll Sets and other accessories.  We offer manual, industrial, variable speed, power-drive, and high-throat Bead Rollers, tool stands and other equipment in this product.  Be sure to pick up a copy of The Art of Beadrolling DVD by Jamey Jordan to get the most utility out of your new Mittler Bros. products.

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products

You can contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products, or you can call us at (800) 467-2464 for more information about parts, equipment, accessories and general sales.  You are welcome to review product descriptions on the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products e-commerce online store.  Also, you can email questions about products or sales direct to: [email protected].

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