Another Christmas Special from the Mittler Brothers’!

Need a Last Minute Gift? No Problem! Mittler Brothers’ has you Covered! Our Vision Series Quarter Minute Shocks are on Sale for $175.00 with Promo Code MBTANVIS.

  •    Micro Tower shim support Shims will not deflect during direction change
  •     62% increased air/gas chamber virtually eliminating rod/shaft pressure
  •     PERIMETER FLOW pistons reduce hysteresis
  •     New Sandvick Steel shim stacks
  •     Lightest shock on the market
  •     One shock length fits all cars
  •     Custom Valving Available


Don’t Forget your 2013 Mittler Brothers’ Catalog!

The 2013 Mittler Bros. Catalog is available now!  The Catalog contains over 90 full color pages featuring Mittler Bros.’ latest offerings of Metal Fabrication Equipment, Tools, and Racing Components. The catalog also includes over 30 pages of Tanner Racing Products by Mittler Bros, including: Scales, Quarter Midget Shocks/ Parts, Tire Gauges, Pyrometers, Pull Down Rigs and much more.

Call (800) 467-2464 for more Info!

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