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“We are proud to be able to sell are products around the world.”—Mike Mittler, President and Co-Founder of Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool testifying before Congress (June, 2013)

American Manufacturer Testifies about Small Businesses

Mike Mittler, current president and co-founder of American manufacturer, Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool (Wright City, Missouri) and Tanner Racing Products testified before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Small Business Committee, co-chaired by Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO 3rd Congressional District).  Upon the invitation by Rep. Luetkemeyer, Mike Mittler travelled to Washington, D.C., to testify at a hearing about small business development, American small business success stories, small business manufacturing, and about the difficulties and success of business operations during the current economic situation.

The hearing entitled Made in the USA: Stories of American Manufacturers featured a number of business owners from manufacturers nationwide.  The hearing featured a number of testimonials about the accomplishments of various American businesses, highlighted the re-emergence of domestic manufacturing, and how uncertainty about operating business while the Affordable Care Act is implemented, may negatively impact smaller companies.

While testifying about his business and concerns for the market, Mike Mittler described the company’s main business focus:  “Our company has two main areas of focus.  One is our product line of special machines and components for the auto-racing, hot-rodding, restoration, aircraft, and bike-building industry; and, the other is design/build special equipment for industrial automation.”—Mike Mittler testifying before Congress (June, 2013)

Mike Mittler addressed some of his concerns about American companies being able to compete in the global market.   This concern is about uncertainty in the national business climate vis-à-vis U.S. government regulations and issues related to business, particularly his concern about lawmakers not necessarily addressing the concerns of current small business owners.

Watch Mike Mittler’s Testimony before Congress in the Made in the USA: Stories of American Manufacturers

The hearing also covered recommendations from business owners about how to improve the economy while spurring on the growth of domestic, small businesses and other enterprises.

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