Aviation Enthusiasts, Be Sure to Choose the Right Aircraft Restoration Tools and Accessories

Summer and holiday air shows are the time for aviations enthusiasts to show off their lovingly restored vintage airplanes.  For “do-it-yourself” aviation enthusiasts, be sure to choose the best aircraft restoration tools and accessories.  At Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products, we are die-hard racing enthusiasts, but we also manufacture sheet metal fabrication tools, equipment and parts that are ideal for aviation enthusiasts who restore vintage, classic or smaller aircraft.

Ready Your Plane with the Right Restoration Tools and Join Us in St. Louis for an Air Show!

We design, engineer, and manufacture machine shop equipment, tools and accessories in the U.S.A.  In fact, we are located just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area, and we have air shows in the area every summer including at the Fair St. Louis (downtown St. Louis, and by the way, Scott Air Force Base is just a few miles away), Independence Day, and at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in St. Louis County.

Regardless of where you live, if you are an aviation restoration enthusiast, it is likely that you can use shop equipment and aviation parts designed for sheet metal fabrication.  With the right, aircraft restoration tools and accessories for the task, you can replicate damaged fuselage, wing, or aircraft skins or create custom sheet metal fabrications.  We have many parts that you may need to replace airplane instrumentation, dashboard gauges, electrical switches, or control panels. 

Once you have your airplane restored and tip-top condition, be sure to investigate the possibility of showing off your aircraft at one of the region’s many air shows throughout the summer.  Find an air show near you!

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools and Aviation Parts

We have you covered with a wide range of shop fabrication equipment and replacement parts ideal for small aircraft.  Some of our aircraft restoration tools and accessories that are ideal for DIY aircraft restorations include:

Once you have the right, aircraft restoration tools and accessories that you need for your project, be sure to order Metal Forming Hand Tools to finish customization projects, or to finalize the shapes you need for your airplane’s skin!

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