LAZZE Bead Rolls for Mittler Bros. Bead Rollers to debut at SEMA!

(Wright City, MO) Mittler Bros. Machine & Tool is proud to announce a collaboration with world renowned metal fabricator Lars “LAZZE” Jansson on a line of LAZZE Bead Rolls.

LAZZE Bead Rolls have been designed for use with all existing Mittler Bros. Power Drive Bead Rollers with adjustable shafts.

“Mittler Bros. is very excited to work with LAZZE to bring his designs to our customers, many of whom have requested these bead rolls”, said Mittler Bros. president, Mike Mittler. “This is a win-win for all parties. He’s a true craftsman and I have a great deal of respect for all he has accomplished in the metal shaping field and I look forward to our collaboration.” “It’s a pleasure to finally work with Mittler Bros. and be able to offer all my LAZZE Bead Roll die profiles to those that already have Mittler Bros. Bead Rollers”, said LAZZE Inc. Metal Shaping Dreams president, Lars Jansson. “This has been a popular request from my customers over the years, so, as Mike says, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

LAZZE Bead Rolls will be making their debut at the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mittler Bros. booth #20537. The SEMA show will be held October 30th – November 2nd at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
About Lars “LAZZE” Jansson

Lars “LAZZE” Jansson owns and operates LAZZE Inc. Metal Shaping Dreams, which specializes in teaching hands-on classes in metal shaping and in the fabrication of metal shaping equipment, as well as writing dedicated instruction manuals for prospective metalworkers. LAZZE has been in business since 1991 and has taught over 3,000 students in the classroom, as well as thousands of others via the LAZZE YouTube channel. LAZZE Inc. machines and tools are made with pride in the United States.

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Mittler Bros. Variable Speed Power Hammer – new and improved for 2018, and on sale for a limited time!

Upgraded for 2018 with reinforced arms that are fill-able with sand to deaden blows, as well as a new steel center pedestal, this is the ultimate Power Hammer!

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Five Ways B-G Racing String Lines Are a Faster Way to Go Racing

Faster through the turns. Better exit speeds. Lower lap times. This is the stuff that sends racers to the winner’s circle. Every racer knows that consistent winning doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the combination of talent, skill, seat time, and better setups. B-G Racing String Line kits         help you achieve better setups and better lap times.

Race engineers know that great setups don’t happen by accident, either. Tire pressures, spring rates, wheel alignment and other factors come into play. It takes persistent study and the right tools to gain that extra edge over your competitors. Top level and grass roots race teams alike use string lines to achieve accurate wheel alignments.

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Our Certified Welders Are Ready For Your Project

Mittler Bros. Machine & Tool has a team of skilled welders that are ready take on whatever project you have in mind, with whatever material. We have the following capabilities:

• Arc Welding

• Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)

• Metal Inert Gas Welding (GMAW)

• Pulse Metal Inert Gas Welding

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